What is Udemy? Everything You Need To Know.

What is Udemy, you ask?

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An online learning platform that has revolutionized how we take courses, acquire new skills and knowledge right from our homes or offices.

The question isn’t just “What is Udemy?”, but rather “How can Udemy help me grow professionally and personally?”

What is Udemy?

For those looking to develop their career or investigate new interests, Udemy is an ideal platform.

An online learning hub that has grown significantly since it started.

In fact, after Udemy’s latest funding round, it emerged as one of the best-funded companies in edtech, with nearly $300 million raised.

A Vast Catalogue of Courses

The variety and volume of courses offered by this platform are truly impressive.

Covering a dozens of fields, from coding languages to business strategies and personal development techniques – there is something for everyone on Udemy.

Udemy claims that they have over 155,000 unique courses available, making them an attractive option for learners globally, especially during remote working conditions caused by pandemic situations.

Category Subcategories
Development Web Development, Mobile App Development, Game Development, Software Engineering, Development Tools, No-Code Development, Data Science, Database Design & Development, Blockchain, etc.
Business Entrepreneurship, Finance, Communication, Management, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Project Management, Business Law, Data & Analytics, Human Resources, E-Commerce, etc.
IT & Software IT Certification, Network & Security, Hardware, Operating Systems, Game Development, Database, IT Networking, Mobile Apps, etc.
Personal Development Personal Transformation, Productivity, Leadership, Personal Finance, Career Development, Parenting & Relationships, Religion & Spirituality, Happiness, Esoteric Practices, etc.
Marketing Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Content Marketing, Branding, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Public Relations, Video & Mobile Marketing, etc.
Design Web Design, Graphic Design, Design Tools, User Experience, Game Design, Design Thinking, 3D & Animation, Fashion Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, etc.
Photography Digital Photography, Photography Fundamentals, Portraits, Photography Tools, Commercial Photography, Video Design, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, etc.
Music Instruments, Production, Music Fundamentals, Vocal, Music Techniques, Music Software, Music Composition, Music Theory, Music Certification, etc.
Health & Fitness Fitness, General Health, Sports, Nutrition, Yoga, Mental Health, Dieting, Self Defense, Dance, Meditation, etc.
Office Productivity Microsoft, Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, Other Office Productivity, Finance, Project Management, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Data Analysis, etc.
Lifestyle Arts & Crafts, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Makeup, Travel, Gaming, Home Improvement, Pet Care & Training, Hobbies, etc.
Photography Digital Photography, Photography Fundamentals, Portraits, Photography Tools, Commercial Photography, Video Design, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, etc.

Lifetime Access For Learners

No matter where you are, once you sign up for a course (free or paid), you get lifetime access to the courses you ordered, allowing you to learn at your own pace without worrying about deadlines.

This easy accessibility coupled with high-quality content created by independent instructors, makes Udemy a popular choice among individuals seeking professional growth.

The flexibility provided allows users to customize their education according to individual needs while gaining valuable insights from expert instructors.

In our next section we’ll cover how exactly this “dynamic marketplace” model works, which attracts thousands every day towards itself.

How Does Udemy Work?

As an online learning and teaching marketplace, Udemy enables anyone to make and offer courses on their platform.

This unique approach to Udemy’s marketplace model attracts thousands of instructors who provide a variety of courses in different categories such as business, development, design, personal growth and more.

Creating a Udemy Account

To start using the services that Udemy creates, you need to open a Udemy account.

The process is simple.

What Courses Does Udemy Offer?

The breadth and depth of Udemy courses vary widely depending on the subject matter and instructor expertise.

Courses span from business strategies to coding languages, even personal development techniques.

A notable fact is that about 80% of these courses are offered for free. This makes learning accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Most Popular Udemy Courses

Diving deeper into Udemy’s course offerings reveals a few standouts in terms of popularity among learners.

  • The Web Development Bootcamp is a great starting point for those looking to begin their journey into web development.
  • Digital Marketing Masterclasses offer comprehensive insights into online marketing trends and tactics, which have proven invaluable to professionals looking forward to expanding their skill set or breaking into this industry segment.
  • Last but not least, Complete Python Bootcamps provide deep dives into one of today’s most sought-after programming languages used extensively across various industries, including data science, machine learning and web development among others.

This wide array caters well to professional development making it easy for individuals seeking career advancement opportunities.

Next, let’s look at how pricing at Udemy works, ensuring you get maximum value out of your investment.

Understanding the Pricing Structure at Udemy

The affordability of Udemy courses is one of their key attractions.

Whether you’re searching for career advancement or self-improvement, there’s a course that meets your financial plan.

Pricing Details

A significant number of free courses are available on this platform.

This allows learners to explore new areas without any financial commitment.

If you want more comprehensive content, paid courses start at $12.99 per individual course and go up depending on the complexity and length of the course material.

Subscription Plans

The cost of Udemy courses can vary widely. The platform allows instructors to set their own prices for their courses, which means that the pricing can differ significantly from course to course. The price of a Udemy course can be influenced by factors such as the instructor’s expertise, the depth of the course content, the course duration, and the demand for the topic.

Udemy frequently offers discounts and promotions on courses, so the prices can be highly variable. The regular prices for Udemy courses will range from $12.99 to $199.99. However, it’s important to note that these prices are subject to change.

Additionally, Udemy offers a feature called “Udemy for Business” which provides subscription-based access to a library of courses for businesses and organizations. The pricing for Udemy for Business is different and is based on a per-user, per-month model.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for a specific course on Udemy, it’s best to visit the course’s page on the Udemy website, where you can find the current price and any available discounts.

Customer satisfaction is so important that they provide full refunds within 30 days post-purchase if not satisfied with the learning experience.

Are Certificates Of Completion Available?

A common question that arises when considering online learning platforms is the availability of certificates upon completion.

The answer for Udemy? A resounding yes.

Certification with Paid Courses

Paid courses on Udemy, once completed, offer Udemy certificates. These can serve as a testament to your dedication and skill acquisition in various fields, ranging from business strategies to personal development techniques.

However, these are not equivalent to formal university teaching degrees or diplomas, but they do carry their own weight, especially in today’s digital age where upskilling has become crucially important.

Add Value Certificate of Completion

You might be wondering about the value of such certifications. While it’s true that they don’t hold traditional academic accreditation like a degree would, having a practitioner certificate does add significant value to your professional profile.

  • This certificate acts as evidence of commitment to self-improvement and continuous learning, which are traits highly sought after by employers worldwide.
  • In certain industries like IT or Digital Marketing, these certifications may even be considered essential due to rapid advancements requiring constant upskilling.
  • Last but not least, completing paid courses often leads you through rigorous training modules that enhance job skills making them worth every penny spent.

We’ve established how Udemy works and what benefits it offers, including an affordable pricing structure and lifetime access benefits that make investing in Udemy worth it, especially if you’re keen on improving job skills or exploring new areas of interest for personal growth.

But there still remains one key question: Is Udemy legit?

Is Udemy Legit?

With a decade-long history and over 62 million learners worldwide, it’s safe to say that Udemy is indeed legitimate.

The Validity of Udemy Courses

The sheer variety of the courses offered by independent instructors speaks volumes about their legitimacy.

Courses range from business strategies to coding languages and personal development techniques.

This wide array confirms that Udemy creates an environment conducive to learning countless subjects.

User Reviews: A Reliable Indicator

A unique feature which makes Udemy legit is their five-star rating system.

People rate their experience with each course, providing valuable feedback for future users.

This transparency helps potential students make informed decisions before investing time or money in any particular course.

Becoming an Instructor at Udemy

If you’re are really knowledgeable in your field and you want to share your expertise with others, then becoming one of the many Udemy instructors can be rewarding both personally and financially.

Top-rated tutors earn significant revenue from their offerings; further proof of how Udemy works as a viable platform for knowledge exchange.

Is Investing Time And Money Into Udemy Worth It?

If you’re considering investing in online learning, the question often arises: Is Udemy worth it?

Affordable Learning Opportunities

The affordability of Udemy courses is a significant advantage.

Paid courses typically start at $12.99 per course with monthly subscription plans also available for personal use.

This makes professional development accessible to many individuals looking to improve their job skills or explore new areas of interest for personal growth.

Lifetime Access To Courses

Another major benefit that comes with using Udemy is lifetime access to purchased courses.

Once enrolled, whether free or paid, learners can revisit the content anytime they want.

This allows them flexibility and convenience as they manage their own pace of learning.

Vast Range Of Course Options

With over 155k+ options on offer – Udemy’s marketplace model attracts thousands from various fields.

From business strategies and coding languages to self-improvement techniques – there’s something here for everyone.

In conclusion, whether you’re aiming for career advancement or simply wanting to acquire new knowledge, Udemy creates opportunities.

FAQs in Relation to What is Udemy

What is Udemy known for?

Udemy is a popular online learning platform with a vast catalog of courses across diverse fields, taught by independent instructors.

Is Udemy actually useful?

Absolutely. With affordable prices and lifetime access to purchased courses, Udemy provides valuable opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

What do employers think about Udemy?

While not equivalent to formal degrees, many employers appreciate the commitment to self-improvement that completion certificates from platforms like Udemy demonstrate.

What do people say about Udemy?

User reviews generally praise the variety of course offerings on Udemy and its user-friendly interface. However, quality control can sometimes be challenging due to the large number of independent instructors.


Udemy is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering an extensive catalog of courses for eager learners.

Udemy has revolutionized the educational landscape by making it possible for people to teach and learn from any corner of the globe.

From business strategies to coding languages, Udemy’s course offerings span across various domains, catering to diverse learning needs.

The pricing structure at Udemy makes professional development accessible for many individuals looking forward to enhancing their job skills or exploring new areas of interest.

Certificates are available upon completion, adding value to your resume and showcasing your commitment to self-improvement.

If you’re considering investing time and money into personal growth or skill development, then look no further than Udemy. It’s worth every penny!

To explore more about such impactful online platforms that can boost your career prospects or help with personal development, check out our course library. Dive deep into the world of e-learning platforms like Udemy and discover how they can aid in shaping a better future for you!



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