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The Best Free Online Courses and Complete Online Classes

What are the benefits of taking an online course?

With online learning, you can set your own learning schedule. People who are already overcommitted to their jobs, families, or other commitments and find it difficult to attend classes in person will benefit greatly from this flexibility. Whether you want to learn computer programming, digital marketing, web design, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), or just about any other subject, you can find really good complete courses to help you become an expert and improve your job skills. Taking complete online courses is so much better than trying to find and learn from random YouTube videos, which may be incomplete at best. With complete online courses, you can have confidence that you are not missing anything. Imagine being able to learn at your own pace. There is no waiting for others to catch up with you. You have the ability to go through the content as fast or as slowly as you want. This personalized learning experience allows you to take all the time you need to really understand the material.

There are hundreds of free online courses available

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a great free trial including topics in business, technology, and creative skills, that are designed to help you grow your knowledge and advance your career. High-quality video lessons, tests, and practical exercises are all part of these courses taught by subject matter experts.


Coursera is a world-class online learning platform that partners with leading universities and institutions to offer courses in various domains. It provides a wide range of free online courses that cover diverse subjects, from data analysis and machine learning to web development and entrepreneurship.


Udemy is another popular online learning marketplace that offers thousands of classes taught by industry professionals. While many of the courses on Udemy are paid, it also offers a substantial collection of free courses that allow you to acquire new skills without spending a dime.


Skillshare is a renowned online platform that focuses on creative skills. It offers a vast library of free classes on topics like graphic design, web development, photography, and much more. Skillshare is known for its interactive and community-driven approach to learning.

Which online courses are recommended for data science?

Data science has emerged as one of the most in-demand fields in recent years, with numerous job opportunities and exciting projects. If you are interested in data science, there are several online courses that can help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Data Science on Coursera

Coursera offers courses on data science, which are taught by leading experts in the field. There, you can learn the fundamentals of data science, including data exploration, data analysis, and machine learning. It is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to enter the world of data science.

Python for Data Science on Udemy

Python is a really popular programming language in 2023. Udemy offers a comprehensive course on Python for Data Science, which teaches you how to leverage Python’s capabilities to analyze and visualize data effectively.

JavaScript for Data Science on Skillshare

JavaScript is primarily known as a language for web development, but it also has powerful data visualization libraries. If you are already familiar with JavaScript and want to explore its applications in data science, Skillshare has a course specifically designed to help you do that.

How can online courses help in learning web development?

Web development is another popular field, with high demand for skilled professionals who can create compelling and user-friendly websites and web applications. Online courses can play a significant role in acquiring the necessary skills for a career in web development.

Web Development on Coursera

Coursera offers a comprehensive web development course that covers all the essential aspects, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Coursera provides a solid foundation in web development and equips you with the skills you need to create interactive and visually appealing websites.

JavaScript for Web Development on Udemy

JavaScript is a fundamental programming language for web development. Udemy offers a dedicated course on JavaScript for Web Development, where you can learn how to use JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

Web Development Fundamentals on Skillshare

Skillshare offers a course specifically focused on web development fundamentals. Skillshare covers the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, and responsive design. It is an excellent starting point for beginners who want to learn the essentials of web development.

Why should entrepreneurs consider taking online courses?

For aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, online courses can provide valuable insights and knowledge to succeed in the competitive business world.

Entrepreneurship 101 on Coursera

Coursera offers a popular course called Entrepreneurship 101, which provides a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts and strategies of entrepreneurship. This course covers topics such as identifying business opportunities, creating a business plan, and understanding the essentials of running a successful venture.  

Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs on Skillshare

Skillshare offers a course called Business Essentials for Entrepreneurs, which focuses on the essential skills and knowledge required to start and grow a successful business. Skillshare covers topics such as market research, financial management, and marketing strategies. Online computer courses offer a world of learning opportunities to people of all backgrounds and interests. Whether you want to learn a new programming language, gain data analytics skills, or learn about becoming an entrepreneur, the online learning platforms found on this site can help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Start exploring the wide range of courses available online and start your learning journey today!


Are online courses recognized by employers?

Yes, many employers recognize and value online courses. This can depend on the course’s accrediting institution and the relevance of the course content to the job role.

How can I stay motivated while taking an online course?

Answer 3: Staying motivated in an online course requires discipline and setting a regular study schedule. Breaking down the course into manageable parts, setting clear goals, and rewarding yourself when you achieve them can help. Engaging with the course material and participating in online discussions also enhances your motivation and understanding of the course.

Can I interact with instructors in an online course?

That depends on the company and the course you sign up for. Some online courses offer ways to interact with instructors, such as through email, discussion boards, or video conferences. However, the level of interaction can vary from course to course, so it’s best to check the course description for specific details.

Do online courses have exams?

Some online courses do have exams or quizzes as a part of their assessment process, while others may assess you based on assignments, projects, or participation in discussion forums. This can vary widely, so check the course syllabus or description for specifics.

Are online courses self-paced, or do they follow a schedule?

This can depend on the course and the platform. Some online courses are self-paced, allowing you to complete them on your own schedule. Others follow a set schedule with specific due dates for assignments and exams. Be sure to check this information before you sign up for a course.


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