Cisco Certification Renewal

Keeping Your Cisco Certification Active: Renewal Tips

Your Cisco certification shows you’re savvy in new networking tech. But, it’s good for only three years. Keeping it current is key. This guide shares tips to keep your Cisco certification alive and sharp.

Key Takeaways

  • Cisco certifications are valid for 3 years and require periodic renewal to remain active.
  • Renewing your Cisco certification demonstrates your commitment to staying current with networking technologies.
  • Explore the Cisco Continuing Education (CE) program and recertification exam options to maintain your Cisco certification.
  • Regularly track your Cisco certification status and plan your renewal strategy well in advance.
  • Renewing your Cisco certification can lead to career advancement and provide value to your employer or clients.

Understanding Cisco Certification Validity

Being an IT professional, having an up-to-date Cisco certification is vital. It shows your skills and helps you stay current in the field. Certifications last for three years from the date you get them. After this time, your cisco certification duration finishes, and you must renew it.

Certification Duration

Knowing when your Cisco certification expires is crucial. You need to keep track of its date and renewal plan. If you miss the deadline, your certification becomes inactive. This means starting the process all over again.

Importance of Recertification

Having an active Cisco certification shows you work to keep your knowledge fresh. By renewing your cisco certification, you prove your skills and improve your job chances. It also helps you give more to your employer or clients. This way, you keep up with new networking trends and techniques.

Cisco’s Continuing Education Program

The Cisco Continuing Education (CE) program is a flexible choice for re-certifying your Cisco certification. It lets you earn credits through various activities. For example, you can join Cisco-approved training sessions or take part in e-learning courses.

You could also attend Cisco Live events or help create exam questions as an exam item author.

Earning CE Credits

For CE credits, you’ll take part in activities for professional growth. These are in line with Cisco’s teachings. They help keep you updated on networking tech and methods. This keeps your Cisco certification current and valuable.

Registering for the Program

To sign up for the Cisco CE program, you first join the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System. You’ll need to agree to its terms and conditions. These cover how you earn and present your CE credits.

Submitting Completed Activities

After finishing CE activities, you must turn them in within 90 days. This step makes sure your Cisco certification is always valid and shows you work on your skills. This is crucial in a field that’s always changing.

Recertifying by Exam

Aside from the Cisco Continuing Education program, another way to renew your certification is by passing a test. The

cisco recertification exam options

you have will change depending on your current certification. Options might include redoing the original exam you took, passing a technology core exam, or a professional concentration exam. It’s a bit flexible.

Exam Options for Recertification

Looking at your specific cisco recertification exam options is key. You might be able to redo the initial exam you passed, or you might need a different exam. Understanding what’s required for your level is crucial. This ensures you pick the right path for recertification.

Scheduling Your Exam

Setting up your schedule for the cisco recertification exam early is essential. Doing so before your certification expires gives you more time to study. You can pick from various ways to take the exam, including online and in person. So, choose what works best for you.

Preparation Resources

Cisco offers many ways to prepare for the cisco recertification exam. There are classes to join, both online and offline. You’ll also find helpful study materials and practice tests. Using these resources is a smart move. They get you ready for what to expect, and they can boost your confidence for the exam.

Cisco Certification Renewal

Renewing your Cisco certification shows you still know your stuff. You can do this by completing the Continuing Education program or by passing an exam. Make sure to finish this before your certification expires. Not doing so means you might have to start over again if your certification becomes inactive.

Recertification Option Details Benefits
Continuing Education (CE) Program Earn CE credits through things like training and events. Keep your Cisco certification without a new exam. This helps you focus on learning and developing skills.
Recertification Exam Take a designated exam, like the 200-301 CCNA, to renew. Show your renewed expertise with a current exam. It keeps your skills up to date.

Whichever way you choose to renew, do it before your Cisco certification expires. Renewing keeps you relevant, boosts your job options, and shows you’re valuable.

Tracking Your Certification Status

It’s very important for a Cisco certification holder to keep track of their status. Cisco offers great tools for this purpose. They help you watch your credentials and keep them current.

Certification Tracking System

The Cisco Certification Tracking System is where you want to be for tracking cisco certification status. It lets you check your Entry, Associate, Specialist, and Professional certifications. You can see your certification details, check when they expire, and what you need to renew.


For those with the impressive ccie/ccde certification, Cisco’s got the CCIE/CCDE Tracker. This tool keeps you up-to-date with your cisco certification tracking system. It tells you when your Expert-level certification expires and what to do to renew it.

Using these resources to watch your certification status is key. It helps you keep your certification active and impressive. By keeping up with your renewals, your Cisco certification shows your skill and dedication in the field.

Recertification Requirements Overview

If you hold a Cisco certification, you have choices to keep it current. Cisco lets you pick the best way that fits your learning style and work goals.

Exam Recertification

Passing a specific exam, like the 200-301 CCNA, can renew your certification. It shows you’re up-to-date in the newest networking tech. This method boosts your skills and keeps you competitive in the field.

CE Credit Recertification

You can also renew your Cisco certification by acquiring CE credits. This means taking part in Cisco-approved training, online courses, or even being an exam item author. Doing these activities helps update your skills while renewing your certification.

Combination Approach

Opting for both an exam and CE credits offers a thorough recertification plan. This strategy proves your knowledge with an exam but also shows commitment to ongoing learning. It’s a great way to enhance your skills and keep your certification active.

It’s up to you how you choose to recertify, but knowing the requirements is crucial. Planning your renewal can make the process smooth and successful.

Maintaining CCNA Certification

Being a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a big accomplishment in the IT world. To show your skills and stay up-to-date, keeping your certification active is key. You can do this by

renewing your CCNA certification

through a new exam or by getting enough Continuing Education (CE) credits.

CCNA Renewal Options

If you pick the recertify by exam route, you must pass the 200-301 CCNA test before your current certification ends. This way, you prove you’re still skilled in the latest Cisco tech and practices.

Another way is through CE credit recertification. Here, you collect credits by joining Cisco-approved trainings, doing online courses, or attending Cisco Live events. It lets you maintain your CCNA certification while growing your skills.

Exam Costs and Policies

Knowing the CCNA exam cost and policies is vital when planning to renew your certification. The 200-301 CCNA exam costs $300. And if you fail, there’s a five-day waiting period before you can try again.

Getting a good grasp of these ccna exam cost and policies is smart. It helps you manage your time and money wisely when maintaining your CCNA certification. With the right info, you can smoothly go through the renewal process.

Benefits of Recertification

Renewing your Cisco certification helps your career a lot. It shows you’re up-to-date with the newest technology. Recertifying shows you’re committed to learning.

Skill Development

By recertifying, you learn more about networking. This deepens your skills and makes you more valuable to your company. It’s a chance to grow personally too.

Career Advancement

Keeping your Cisco certification means more job and promotion chances. It lets employers know you keep up with technology. Recertifying shows you’re dedicated and skilled.

Staying Current with Technology

The tech world is always changing. By recertifying, you stay current and useful. You can provide better solutions to your company’s or client’s needs.

Planning Your Recertification Strategy

When starting to plan your Cisco recertification strategy, step back and assess your goals. Look at where you are now in your career. Think about where you want to be and what skills you want to work on. This will help you pick the right way to renew your certification.

Assessing Your Goals

Think about what you want for your future both personally and professionally. Do you want to move up in your career or get better at a certain Cisco technology? Knowing how keeping your Cisco certification active helps is key. It can open new doors for you.

Choosing the Right Approach

After looking at your goals, decide on the best recertification approach. You might pick the CE program, exam passing, or a mix of both. Think about what each option offers. Choose what fits your goals and how you like to learn.

Time Management

Managing your time well is very important for your Cisco recertification plan. Make sure you have enough time to study or do CE activities before your certification ends. Set up a study plan that works for you. Consider your other commitments to stay on track.

Resources and Support

Renewing your Cisco certification is made easier with the many resources and support from Cisco. You can check out the Cisco Learning Network Community. Also, explore training courses and materials from Cisco.

Cisco Learning Network Community

The Cisco Learning Network Community is where Cisco pros gather online. You can ask questions and find cisco recertification resources. It’s a lively place for sharing ideas and best practices.

Training Courses and Materials

Cisco provides many ways to study for your cisco recertification exam or take cisco training courses. They offer workshops and online courses. These methods will help you learn what you need for your recertification.

Choose from live workshops or study at your own pace online. With cisco learning network community and cisco training materials, you can confidently renew your Cisco certification.


Keeping a Cisco certification is vital for today’s IT pros. It helps you stay important in the field. Understand the recertification requirements to make a plan. You can use the Continuing Education program, exams, or both to recertify.

With the right steps, you can keep your Cisco certification active. This means you can show you know about new networking trends. Keeping up with new tricks and tech is key for growing in your career.

Your Cisco certification shows your expertise, dedication, and skills. By renewing it, you open new doors in your field. It helps you grow professionally and brings more value to your work. So, don’t forget to renew your Cisco certification. It keeps you as a top choice in the networking scene.

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